about Me

About Me

Hello, my name is Erik and I am a certified functional nutritional therapy practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association. 

My mission is to help you repair, restore, and optimize your body so you can live your best life.  

After years of doing standup comedy around the country I found my true passion was in helping people through holistic nutrition and lifestyle coaching. 

I’ve dealt with my own health issues and know how frustrating navigating the complex world of health can be.  

My love of holistic health comes from own health breakthrough that I experienced by addressing my gut health through food, supplements, and herbs.  

I take a food and supplement-first approach to health to support the body’s precious foundations.  

Along with being a health coach I also have a blog, podcast, and YouTube channel called “Holistic A-Hole”.  

I currently live and practice in Condado, Puerto Rico.  When I’m not working with clients or lighting the internet on fire, I’m probably on the beach getting loads of free vitamin D or in the kitchen attempting a new recipe.  

If you would like to work with me send a message through the email form on the homepage to schedule a consultation. 

I look forward to hearing form you!

Erik Levi, FNTP